Palfreys, Chargers and Destriers
The Warhorse Called Salazar

Salazar is a 12 year-old, 17 hand, 1700 pound gray Percheron.


When I first saw him in a farmer's field in Buffalo, Indiana, he reminded me of a Rhino just by his mannerisms. He was coal black at the time and I don't thnk you could find a young stallion anywhere that was more full of himself. He was just beautiful to me.


I got him for the good price of $1100 because he was untrained and totally undisciplined. He was a registered Percheron stallion! I was very excited to have him.


We got him loaded into the trailer without incident, and then he proceeded to show us just how much horse he was. Much to the amazement of the farmer and myself, he forced himself out of the side feeding door of my Miley trailer.


Salazar and I had many memorable experiences too numerous to mention here. But as I progressed through his training, I began to realize he had all the ingredients in him to become a great jousting horse. He was strong, brave, aggressive and very physically inclined, in that he would run into other horses, and trot up to a fence and then hit it with his chest. The first time my Dad saw him do this, he said, "That horse is crazy, isn't he James?"


And when it comes to jousting, well, he loves it. His short tail starts twitching back and forth, he starts prancing up and down and he can't wait to charge! But he will wait until you let him know it's time to go.


Whoever rides him at a show or tourney is in for a great ride. As you get to know him, you begin to respect him more and more. He likes people and just has a great presence about him. He has been on more jousting posters than any other horse or person associated with the Alliance!


Yes, this Percheron called Salazar is an exceptional horse, indeed. Not only is he a great jousting horse, but he is also a great friend.


James Zoppe
Founder and Director
American Jousting Alliance



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