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We're always hoping to expand our collection! Riders and spectators are welcome to submit photos or videos at any time to the Alliance. Individual photos may be sent to Please send multiple or large files on a CD-ROM to the American Jousting Alliance, 15568 Greenleaf Springs Road, Frazier Park, California 93225.

All phototgraphers will be credited for their generous contributions.


John Swanson

Crossroads European
Renaissance Festival 2004

James Zoppe, Stacia Lloyd, Alex Tiberi, Kaeylyn Dayha, John Swanson 

Jerry Gordon riding Moe at the Quintain

Jerry Gordon riding Moe, James Zoppe on Iron - Jousting

Frazier Mountain
Spring Tournament 2006

John Swanson practicing the rings on Brutus

Knights charge! L to R John Swanson riding Brutus, James Zoppe on Moe, Donnie Tynon on Shirleen

Claudius, ridden by James Zoppe

Bev and James exchanging sword blows, Washington Ren. Fair

Legend of Sleepy
Hollow Fall Festival 2007

Moe, Patrick Lanbke and unidentified squire during filming of "Built to Spill" music video

Doug and Patrick about to collide, Young Living Farm

Photos from around
the ranch