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1. Introduction

2. Goals, Objectives and Sustainability

3. Classes to Choose From

4. Camp Format and Curriculum

5. 2015 Pricing Information

6. Closing Statements

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Program Overview



Our organization, the American Jousting Alliance began our Youth Day Camp Program in 2005 at our facility near Frazier Park, California. The Lockwood Valley Youth Camp has been in operation ever since. We have maintained a quality Day Camp specializing in outdoor activities, environmental awareness, horseback riding and a common sense approach to safety. Please feel free to browse our website To learn more about our Day Camps, click on the Youth Camp section.

Our "Have Camp Will Travel" program was developed for youth organization and schools as an alternative choice to keep the cost of a Day Camp or Field Trip to a minimum. There are several benefits to this option.

1. The lower cost per Student enables more children to participate.

2. It eliminates the cost of transportation and drivers.

3. Minimizes liability as the children don't need to travel

4. Organization and Planning are minimal compared to a Day Camp or Field Trip at another location.

We are proud to offer our Program to all types of schools and academies. The Program works well for all ages of young people.











The purpose of our "Have camp Will Travel" Program is to teach sustainable outdoor activities and to instill in our Students the concept of camaraderie and watching out for each other's safety.

We strive to instill in our Students that although having fun is foremost in their minds, safety and common sense are equally important in KEEPING it fun.

Our Goals and Objectives are to:



Kids today are learning more technology and spending much more time indoors in front of screens. Our organization strives to balance this with safe, fun and sustainable outdoor activities.







1. Archery

2. Spear Throwing

3. Braiding

4. Wooden Sword Play

5. Target Slingshot Shooting

6. Knot Tying

7. Dirt Skiing Relay Racing

8. Tree Planting


NOTE: - The Braiding and Knot Tying Classes don't necessarily promote physical activity. However, these classes can help settle the kids down as well as teach them useful skills.

Administrators and Camp Director determine the most appropriate Classes for their Organization or School. Normally it will be 6 classes.


1. Archery (one-on-one supervision)

Demonstrating the proper form, explaining safety procedures, when it's ok to shoot - when it's not, allowing practice time, then friendly contest. This activity builds upper arm strength and torso strength.


2. Spear Throwing

Demonstrating proper form and technique, throwing at target on hay bale, practice time, correcting technique when necessary than friendly competition. this activity improves upper body strength, hand-eye coordination.


3. Braiding

Showing various types of braids, allowing Students to pick out 3 two foot long strings (hay baling twine) in whatever colors they choose, demonstrate 3 plait braid, kids begin braiding correcting when necessary, finished product a short pet leash, headband, picture frame or...


4. Wooden Sword Play

Demonstration of proper defensive moves, how to "pull your punch" on offense, safety is cool, hurting your opponent not cool, students practice with instructors, learn to bow in respect of their opponent , nothing out of control.


5. Target Slingshot Shooting

Instructor demonstrates proper technique and safety procedures, practice time, friendly and fun contest. This activity improves forearm strength and tone.


6. Knot Tying

Showing different knots with various sizes of string and rope, explaining uses of various knots, teach Students several different knots, then tie ropes together for a tug-of-war.


7. Dirt Ski Relay Racing

Show kids how to make dirt skis, demonstrate, practice time, choose 2 teams, 2 teams compete in relay race, dirt skis are same principle as water skis. Dirt Skiing is a great way for Kids to learn cooperation and collaboration.


8. Tree Planting

Every step in the process is first demonstrated, then kids participate, finished product is 1 or 2 trees planted per class, teach kids about proper watering and importance of trees.








4. Camp Format

Our normal standard camp format (we do customized camps as well) is for each Student to participate in 6 different activities during a 4 hour time period. This does not include a break time of at least 30 minutes.

Note: Set up time is an additional 30 minutes while take down time is a little less.

Each Class is 30 minutes in length with a 10 minute period between each Class in order to allow each group time to rotate to their next activity.

The 6 different activities that we conduct are divided into 2 sections as follows:

The actual time for each Section (3 activities) is about 2 hours. The timeframe is as follows:

After the break this process is repeated for the second section of 3 Class activities.

Note: The "break" can be a Lunch Break or simply a break of at least 30 minutes to allow for the set up and preparation of Section 2.

We have designed our Program to keep our Student Class size at between 10 to 35 Students, depending on the total number of Students participating.

Class size at between 10 to 35 Students, depending on the total number of Students participating.

Each Class has from 1 to 3 Instructors, depending on the number of Students in the Class.

With the Camp Format described, we are able to accommodate from 30 to 110 Students over a time period of 4.5 hours. Exceptions are made on a customized basis.





Based on the previously described program



30 TO 39 Students $30 each

40 to 49 Students $25 each

50 to 69 Students $20 each

70 to 110 Students $18 each


For larger groups, the Administrators and Camp Director will customize a discounted price based on the number of Students, the number of Classes and the time involved.


Deposit required to book and reserve Camp date or dates.











Thank you for your time and interest.

Please allow me to say a little bit about the Camp Director, if for no other reason than to give credibility and value to our Program.

Most of the activities listed, I did as a boy growing up in rural Oklahoma. I had a lot of fun shooting arrows, throwing spears and making and shooting homemade slingshots. Cowboys taught me to braid while on the Rodeo circuit with my trick riding Parents. This led to me braiding my own bull ropes for riding bulls while in High School. It taught me that you could use acquired skills to your advantage.

Almost every kid enjoys and gets a thrill out of sword play, and so did I. I learned much more about proper staged and safe sword work as an adult presenting Jousting Shows at Renaissance Festivals. Knot tying came gradually and always proves to be useful.

The dirt skiing idea came all at once when we had to come up with a way to entertain our audience in adverse conditions. It was a muddy horse arena where very little horse entertainment could be safely accomplished. Horses pulling dirt skiers turned out to be great entertainment. This eventually led to the concept of Kids pulling each other when no horses were available.

Growing up, I very much enjoyed walking, running and horseback riding in the woods. I developed a respect for nature and trees.

Planting a tree anywhere gives me a good feeling. It's giving back to our environment, and it's a wonderful way to teach young people that it feels good to give back. That little tree can become a reminder to them to someday enjoy a walk through the woods. Perhaps after taking that walk, their emotions will be stirred so that natural places will mean something to them.

Having tried riding and jousting careers have taught me a great deal about safety and how to stay safe. These activities taught me a very important concept: That is, when something goes wrong, when you have a close call, afterward - analyze the circumstances, determine why it happened, figure out what you'll do to keep yourself or others safe should these circumstances arise again.

You see, my life's paths have given me the experience and desire to teach what I've learned. All of the activities I've listed, I've either had a great deal of fun and exhilaration with, or I've learned from, or are practical, or put something back, or stir our emotions.

My purpose with these Camp activities is to pass on as much knowledge and insight as I can to my Instructors and to the next generation.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with your Students. It will be a privilege to show them new ways to spend their time being active, having fun and staying safe.

In closing I would like to say that our Program is designed to teach outdoor activities. It is also designed to introduce to our young people new concepts of thought that will help them throughout their entire lives.



James Zoppe

Camp Director









For additional information concerning booking arrangements, available dates, Customized Camps or any questions: Contact


James Zoppe - 15568 Greenleaf Springs Rd., Frazier Park, CA 93225