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American Jousting Alliance T-Shirts. Heavyweight gray in youth and adult sizes. $20.00 including shipping and handling (U.S.A. only). e-mail redknight@jameszoppe.com for further pricing and ordering info.






Tournament Jousting Shield - $475

This shield is built to take a pounding and keep on protecting! Several layers of plywood are covered with cold rolled steel which is secured with steel rivets.A sturdy strap and hand grip are bolted onto the back of the shield. The back edge is leather trimmed to prevent minor cuts and scrapes (see photo below). The top and bottom of the back are padded to lessen impact on the helm or knees - should the shield get pushed into the Knight due to a less than accurate hit by an opponent.

The design and size of each shield will be customized to the future owner's preferences. Shield price may increase if an elaborate design is requested. Please e-mail or call for shipping costs based upon your location.