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Zoppeland is an event, an experience designed for kids and adults of all ages.

It's purpose is to entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire outdoor exercise. The flyer can be referred to, to see what a day at Zoppeland consists of. The information that follows offers a more in depth description of the days activities.

Upon arrival our Hostess will have for our patrons an "Activity Schedule". It gives the information of the times and locations of various activities.

The day begins with the riders practicing the horses. This includes ring spearing, spear throwing and jousting. The practice lasts for approximately 1.5hrs.

We then begin our horseback riding and photo opportunities with the horses. For about 30 to 45 minutes children and adults have the opportunity to go for a  brief ride and take a picture with a horse or on horseback.

After that, is our "Interactive Activities' part of the day. This includes instruction, participation and in some cases competitions, in archery, spear throwing, sword play, shield hitting, kids ring spearing and dirt skiing. Dirt skiing is something like water skiing on dirt. Instead of a motor boat for propulsion, it is a horse. The advantage to this (unlike water skiing) is that the horse moves at various speeds depending on the age and ability of the dirt skier. Bring your elbow and knee pads, and helmet if you like.

As all of these robust and exciting activities subside, everyone has a chance to relax and refresh a bit. This is a good time to visit "Richard's Grill" for something good to eat and drink. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent.

This part of the event is a chance for children and adults to relax, listen and learn. Short entertaining, helpful and informative demonstrations or talks will be conducted. Some of the topics that will be covered during the course of our season include; tree planting, falconry, our forests, rivers and streams, animals, safe hiking and nutrition.

These talks and demonstrations vary from event to event. The subject matter ranges from self reliance, to health, to our natural flora and fauna. our goal with this part of our event is to give people a little knowledge and understanding of ourselves, our abilities and our environment, without being boring.

Next comes the feature activity of the day...jousting!

 The style of jousting that you will see from the American Jousting Alliance is medieval style. This style was practiced roughly between the 1100's through the 1300's before full armour was developed. Norman style shield and heavy wooden lances were the weaponry of the medieval knight at tournament.

Our patrons will also view various skill-at-arms games that include ring spearing and spear throwing on horseback.


The jousting format will vary from event to event. The quality horsemanship and hard hitting action will consist of either a demonstration, tournament, or choreographed show.

We cordially invite you to this unique event known as "Zoppeland". We truly want you to have a great time. Come see, and do things you've never experienced before.


James Zoppe

Note: Some activities and their timeframes may be subject to change.




November 2011

December 2011